Transport to School

According to the DFE Special Education Needs Code of Pactice the LEA are not legally obliged to provide transport to a school. This is particularly true if the parents preferred school is different to the LEA’s suggested school.  Ridiculous, but normal for LEA’s. However, I don’t think it would do any harm to discuss this with your solicitor – if you have one.  Other than that, the only option you have is to find another family travelling to the school, or appealing to anyone who might volunteer there services eg someone travelling regularly in that direction, or the local transport service who might offer a concession

According to IDEA Laws that govern Special Education The child should be educated in the school he or she would attend if not disabled unless the iep requires some other arrangement.  Know if I understand what you’re saying is that the area you live in has no program that meets your child’s needs.  By Federal Law you can make them (legally) start this program.  If you want him to stay where he is at then tell them you will compromise but they will have to provide the transportation.  Where ever you’re at you need to call the Governor’s Advocacy Council governing special needs education. You have to remember the LEA works for the school system. I believe also that if the school wants to send a child out of school district they have the reasonability for paying for transportation.