Gifted Children

Association for Special Needs Education provides education for disabled children. Some gifted kids fit in and thrive anywhere. There are gifted program in schools where the disabled child will be with kids who think like she does and have similar interests and attention spans. If your district doesn’t have one, look for a private gifted school (even if you can’t afford it, they sometimes have scholarships).

So accept her needs, and answer her needs, just as you would with any special -needs child. Letting her rot in kindergarten may sound an easier ”social” solution, and it may “work” (what is it?) in the very short term, but in the long term she will have had to repress her unique, lovely yet challenging personality. (That might even be a problem with “gifted” groups or grade-skipping, in which case you’re gone have to care for her again)

Just tell her that you love her, you feel she is special and she is just so bright and so special that even adult teachers don’t know how exactly to help her. Ask her to come up with the solution. That should do the trick.