Free Diet for Learning Disabilities

A disabled child never received the full complement of supplementary aids and services in the regular classroom before being moved to a more segregated setting. The PA Dept. of Ed just published a revised Inclusion Basic Ed Circular.  In the seven pages there is only one sentence highlighted and it states:  Consideration of the regular class must be the starting place for any decision-making about the placement of any special education student. I know that the educational rights of the students in that Charter School have been violated.  What cannot understand is how you are so convinced that they have not been violated. Perhaps you live someplace where the rights of students are always understood and enforced and where no one ever discriminates against children with disabilities.

Early primary grades are wonderful places for children with special needs to be able to interact and socialize with other children.  However, as time goes on, special needs education services become more difficult to address for some students in an “integrated” classroom. “Adaptations” are not that difficult to achieve, however, “modifications to the curriculum” tend to present a problem. In high-schools, they do provide “modified” course options for students with special needs.