Home Schooling and Special Needs

Home schooling and special needs education supports can be co-ordinated to meet the needs of a child. The reason for home schooling is that special education resource rooms are not available in our elementary schools. The social situation is also not a very positive one and is causing us quite a bit of grief.

According to the School Act, the district is responsible for making sure a child has access to an education. The approved provincial curriculum which is geared for “typical” children is not appropriate for child’s education. The special education resources are designed specifically to each individual child. The ministry of education does not approve or even evaluate the effectiveness of learning resources for children

The discussion I had with the school principal was very positive and co-operative.  We both agreed that indeed home schooling would provide my son with the necessary one on one needed to improve his academics. I have been told by the ministry of education – special education branch, that the school district might argue that they are only obligated to providing me with the regular and approved curriculum. However, that would not be appropriate for my child. I maintain that the district is responsible for providing my child with the appropriate special education resources.