No Parent Support in Most Cases

A majority of students are either physically or verbally abused by their parents.  This is a common practice in their culture. The school has tried to hold education classes for the parents but can not force the parents (the ones that are in need of this service) to come and learn positive ways of dealing with their children. The parents are not in turn following any of the agreed upon IEP plans or behavioral contracts. It is a nightmare. The special needs education field is so new to these people.

There is a shortage of people who know anything, even the basics.  Sounds like you’re just going to have to start at the beginning and hope that people will follow your lead.  The abuse part sounds horrible.  Just like this teacher, she didn’t connect the behavior with the disability.  She just thought that the child had control over himself.  They probably don’t have early intervention programs – that is where i learned all the basics of my son’s disabilities. There has to be some organization geared toward educating everyone who deals with the children.