Special Needs Education provides integration/inclusion between hearing children and deaf children. Then, I hope to know some information about TRIPOD. ”This is a free service to supply parents of hearing-immpaired children with the clear guidance that they seek in raising these children. Dr. Carl Kirchner was the leader and continues as the key person in TRIPOD, INC., having generated impressive private funding for this vital work”  That Memorandum was signed by Frederick Sachs, Associate Commissioner for Program Operations, United States Department of Education.

Fundamentally you are there for all the children, and not just the one. If one child is so disruptive, all the other children suffer, and lose their education. Equally the example the child sets for others is not good, and can influence others. That was the outcome of the discussion. I felt that to exclude a child, basically destroys the child, for he will probably not be helped.

Have you ever considered something like circle time, which helps children express their feelings in a positive way. It demands a lot from the teachers, but it has been shown to work with behavior problems, which may be different from EBD problems.